SS Mir Moda

As ERDOĞAN brothers, we started our business life in 1996 in Eminönü Sutanhamam with ready-wear  manufacturing.We put our textile products manufactured in Bursa for sale in our Sultanhamam and Merter / ISTANBUL stores. In 2002, we showed our presence in the textile industry with buy and sell.While only contract manufacturing was made in Bursa in 2010-2019, we did not neglect to always keep our targets high.As a result of the decisions we have taken jointly since 2019, we have gathered all our production capacities in one hand.Day by day, we progressed in line with our goal by increasing our customer portfolio, product quality and product range.

We realized that our workforce, which is growing day by day, can no longer be provided with the support we receive from outside, and we strengthened our industrialization process by establishing our weaving factory and dyehouse in Bursa where we will carefully produce our own production.As a result of our experience and observations, we were able to use our knowledge correctly and appropriately.As we succeeded, our excitement increased and in a short time we switched to integrated production extending to yarn preparation, weaving, dyeing, finishing and sales stores.It is our sacred duty to play an important role in the production and export of the Turkish textile industry.Increasing the existence and standing of an individual, a city, a country is only possible  by producing.

We gave priority to growth in our investments to people and technology.We have adopted the principle of providing production and service above world standards.We have always worked in an intense tempo without compromising these principles; We continued our investments and growth step by step.In our production facility, we produce 10 tons of fabric dyeing production per day in the dyehouse section, 3,000 tons of fabric per year and in our weaving department, we produce 4,000 mt of raw fabric per day, 1,250,000 mt per year.

In line with the principles we adhere to, we proudly continue to increase our investments with the awareness of being one of the locomotive groups of our country, knowing the most valuable responsibility to contribute to our country's economy with the employment and investments we create and our export figures.



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