It is a highly preferred fabric in today's textile world.It is not a natural fabric, it is factory production.It was first invented in England in 1940.It earned its fame in the 1970s with the advertisement that it could still look stylish without ironing for 68 days.For example, many of the nightlife (let's say disco life :)) clothes are preferred from polyester fabric because they look like ironed despite all the mobility.

It stands for "synthetic polymer".Made of petroleum products, actually it is a simpler kind of plastic.

Fabrics made of polyester yarn can be preferred for garment sewing or coating work, as well as mixed with natural yarns.If you look at the information labels of many clothes you buy, you can see phrases such as 70% cotton and 30% polyester.Since polyester fabric does not wrinkle structurally and is flexible, it is aimed to reduce the wrinkling rate of natural fabrics and to provide flexibility by mixing with natural fabrics.

If you say why polyester fabric, we can list many reasons; It is a bright, strong, flexible, slippery and light fabric, dries easily, does not require much ironing, does not crease.It keeps its iron-on shape for a long time, it is soft and silky to the touch, very easy to care, and can be machine washed at home.It does not require dry cleaning and this is very important :) It has a stain-proof structure, its color does not fade with washing, and it does not leave traces due to use.There is a lot of complaints about the knee mark on trousers and pajamas, there is no such problem with polyester.It is not affected by moths and pests, as well as microorganisms such as mold and fungi.

*** Is cheap!

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