The rate of our COTTON FABRIC varieties is considerable within the scope of our daily production of 10 tons, 3000 TONS PER YEAR of fabric dyeing in the dyeing department of our facility and 4000 meters of raw fabric per DAY AND 1250000 METERS PER YEAR in the weaving department.As SS MİR MODA TEKSTİL, we have been responding positively and proudly to all the needs of our customers for years, especially in the men's clothing and women's top wear sector, without having any problems with quality and demanded products.

Cotton fabric is a natural fiber.It is thought to have been used since ancient times.Cotton is a natural substance obtained by twisting the long-fiber hairs surrounding the seeds of the cotton plant.These fibers vary in length and thickness and are absorbent, making cotton soft and comfortable to wear.Cotton fabrics, which are widely used, are often preferred due to their cool feature in hot climates.

The best quality cottons such as Egypt and Sea Island cottons are obtained from long, thin and shiny threads obtained from the cotton plant.Cotton, in weight and quality, is used in various weavings from light and loosely knit fine fabrics to heavy and pile fabrics such as velvet. There are varieties such as Gauze, Scallop Fabric, Pure Cotton Voile.

Fabrics that are easy to maintain and do not wrinkle are a mixture of cotton and synthetic yarn.Cotton fabrics are widely used in all kinds of clothing industry, home furnishings, upholstery and other furnishings.Due to its high absorbency, it is especially preferred in underwear and pajamas.Cotton fabric is suitable for washing in hot water and hanging by hanging.

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