Being aware of the fact that trained manpower is the most important asset for a company, it has adopted it as a principle to develop the personality and skills of its employees by taking their own satisfaction into account.

Our main goal is to ensure that personnel with a high level of education, who can keep up with global changes, who are entrepreneurial, open to development, are assigned in accordance with the nature and description of the task, and to provide training and development opportunities for all personnel according to their personality and abilities.

As the Human Resources department, we try to encourage our employees to produce various strategies within the framework of the tasks they undertake, to take initiative and thus to protect their work and the results of their work.As a department we aim to contribute to the growth momentum of SS MİR MODA TEKSTİL LTD.ŞTİ  by benefiting from the synergy created by developing the individual on the one hand and encouraging teamwork on the other.